Number of Daesh Attacks in Syria Increased by 39%

While the Daesh was responsible for 31% fewer terrorist attacks in Iraq than last year, the number of attacks carried out by the Daesh in Syria increased by 39%, according to US Department of State.

// Jun. 03, 2016 - 00:16 GMT

Muhammad Ali Hospitalized, Treated for Respiratory Issue

Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali has been hospitalized and is being treated for a respiratory issue.

// Jun. 03, 2016 - 00:18 GMT

Syria Working with UN to Make Medicine, Food Available to All Citizens

Syrian presidential advisor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban said that Damascus is working with the United Nations to make humanitarian aid available to all Syrian citizens.

// Jun. 03, 2016 - 00:28 GMT

Surf's Up! New Film Shows Russian Surfers Riding the Arctic Circle Waves

A new half-hour film follows an intrepid group of Russian surfers as they ride the waves in some of the Earth's toughest conditions.

// Jun. 03, 2016 - 00:32 GMT

Obama Owns Up to Libya Blunder Again, Doesn't Mention Clinton's Role, Again

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama reiterated that the intervention in Libya was probably the worst mistake of his presidency. Nevertheless, for one reason or another, the president again failed to mention who the architect of that operation was. Hint: She's running for president.

// Jun. 03, 2016 - 00:32 GMT

It's All About Crude: How Saudi Arabia Fell Into Washington's Oil Trap

Saudi Arabia is walking directly into the trap US neocons set for it back in the 1990s, F. William Engdahl writes.

// Jun. 03, 2016 - 00:40 GMT

Music Icon Prince Died of Drug Overdose, Medical Examiner

The Minnesota medical examiner confirmed on Thursday that 57-year-old music legend Prince died of an accidental overdose of the painkiller fentanyl, which is described as a rapid-acting synthetic opiate.

// Jun. 03, 2016 - 00:49 GMT

Out of This World: Scientists Reveal Origin of Tutankhamun's Dagger

The 3,300 year old dagger that Tutankhamun was buried with was made of meteorite, according to a new analysis of the blade by scientists from Egypt and Italy.

// Jun. 03, 2016 - 00:52 GMT

Race for the Big House, 2016

While Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton may be facing legal troubles over her handling of her private email server while serving as Secretary of State, many voters seem unconcerned.

// Jun. 03, 2016 - 01:03 GMT

CIA Torture Victim's Testimony in 9/11 Hearings at Gitmo Canceled

Defense team of the Guantanamo Bay's detainee announced on Thursday he would not testify about CIA's torture at the the facility.

// Jun. 03, 2016 - 01:18 GMT