Soros’s War

George Soros, the famed financier behind the network of Open Society Institutes, has a call to arms for the people of Europe: pick up your weapons, militarize your economies, and throw off the chains of peace – it is time for war with Russia.

// Nov. 06, 2014 - 06:38 GMT

Syria: No Good Options

Military strikes on ISIS are warranted, but wont do anything to solve the deeper problem of the ongoing collapse of the Syrian state. </p>

// Nov. 05, 2014 - 22:37 GMT

The West’s Turkey Problem

Erdogans increasingly open Islamism presents a direct challenge to two of the Wests bedrock institutions, the EU and NATO. </p>

// Nov. 05, 2014 - 20:03 GMT

The Empire of Chaos and the War on Drugs

US announced the War on Drugs in 1971 and ever has been waging this war with no success ever since, at the same time being the prime patron and ally of the worlds leading drug traffickers. </p>

// Nov. 05, 2014 - 19:53 GMT

Presidential Crimes: Then And Now

Presidents have little idea what is transpiring in the vast cabinet departments and federal agencies that constitute their administration, whereas in fact many parts of the government are empires unto themselves. </p>

// Nov. 04, 2014 - 04:59 GMT

Dysfunctional America

If you require more evidence that the United States is a dysfunctional society, observe American elections.

// Nov. 02, 2014 - 01:39 GMT

European Union: the US' Endlessly Abused Wife

The relationship of the US and the EU is starting to acquire something reminding the syndrome of an abused wife.

// Oct. 31, 2014 - 23:12 GMT

US Ebola Policy Could Have Darker Motives

The US federal government has announced that thousands of additional US soldiers are being sent to Liberia.

// Oct. 30, 2014 - 01:09 GMT

Ukrainian Elections Set the Scene for More Instability

Sundays Ukrainian parliamentary elections are being over analysed by the international media and by elements of the Russian press. </p>

// Oct. 28, 2014 - 20:13 GMT

Rand Paul and the Coming Republican Fight Over Foreign Policy

The Kentucky Senator is carefully laying the groundwork for a resurgence of conservative realism

// Oct. 28, 2014 - 18:01 GMT