World War I Uniforms and Equipment

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Anton Denikin

A Russian military leader, politician, public figure and writer, Anton Denikin was born on December 16 (December 4, Julian calendar), 1872 in the village of Szpetal Dolny, now part of the city Wloclawek in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship of Poland, then part of the Russian Empire.

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Nikolay Kokorin

Russian pilot Nikolay Kokorin was born May 20 (May 8, Julian calendar), 1889 in the village of Khlebnikovo, located, according to some sources, in the Moscow District of the Moscow Province (today Mytishchi District, Moscow Region ), whereas other sources place the village in the Kazan District of the Kazan Province (currently Mari-Turek District in the Republic of Mari El).

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Konstantin Artseulov

Future World War I fighter ace, inventor of aerobatic stunt flying, glider designer and artist Konstantin Artseulov was born on May 29 (May 17, Julian calendar), 1891 in Yalta into the family of a professional sailor.

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Fyodor Keller

Cavalry Gen. of the Russian Imperial Army Count Fyodor Keller was born on October 24 (October 12 Julian calendar), 1857 in Kursk.

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Mikhail Alekseyev

Russian military leader, infantry general and chief of staff with the Russian General Headquarters (Stavka) Mikhail Alekseyev was born on November 15 (November 3, Julian calendar), 1857 into the family of a soldier who had received an officers commission. </p>

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Alexei Kaledin

Russian Cavalry General Alexei Kaledin was born on October 24 (October 12, Julian calendar), 1861 at the Kaledin farmstead in the stanitsa (Cossack village) of Ust-Khopyorskaya, part of the territory of the Cossack Army of the Don, into the family of a Cossack colonel.

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Alexander Kazakov

Outstanding Russian fighter pilot Alexander Kazakov was born to a noble family in the Kherson province (now Ukraine) on January 14 (January 2, Julian calendar), 1889.

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Rimma Ivanova

Nurse Rimma Ivanova was born in Stavropol into the family of Stavropol Ecclesiastical Consistorys treasurer on June 27 (June 15, Julian calendar), 1894. </p>

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Nikolai Yudenich

General of the Infantry Nikolai Yudenich, a Russian military and political figure, was born in Moscow on August 12 (July 30, Julian calendar), 1862 into the family of a collegiate councilor.

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