Madonna's Well-Hung Drummers

Thats right! Madonna does Moscow with her well-hung drummers and I was like a virgin because it was my first time seeing her in concert </p>

// Aug. 09, 2012 - 18:39 GMT

August and Time for Christmas

August tis not the season for Christmas, but you wouldnt guess that in Moscow right now. At first I thought I had really lost it, Id finally gone mad </p>

// Aug. 02, 2012 - 23:14 GMT

Bury Me in a Crockpot

When I die, I want to be cremated, put in a crockpot and be made King of the Hill!I just got back from an archeological dig from the 10th century near the border with Belarus.

// Jul. 26, 2012 - 23:31 GMT

Psychopathic Anti-Tobacco Killer!

Its a known fact: Smoking Kills! But in my case it wasnt the cigarettes that nearly took me to my grave but a psychotic nutcase on the street ready to murder me for smoking </p>

// Jul. 17, 2012 - 18:45 GMT

Why Do Cats Rule?

OK, Ill admit it right off the bat: I never have been a cat lover But there seems to be a lot of cat lovers around the world because any time you open Facebook, someone is bound to have posted a cat doing somethingor nothing. </p>

// Jul. 09, 2012 - 21:21 GMT

First One In, Last One Out

Russian elevator etiquette is sometimes very confusing. Sometimes if youre the last one in, that is standing up against the doors, youre the last one out </p>

// Jun. 21, 2012 - 22:24 GMT

News from Across the Ocean

When I report news, I know that my family and friends back in the States are reading it, which keeps them up to date not only on the news over here, but also what Im up to. </p>

// Jun. 13, 2012 - 04:50 GMT

Separating the Kvas from the Kefir

Russians have at least two favorite summer drinks that most foreigners just cant swallow. The mystical kefir and the even more mystical kvas </p>

// Jul. 22, 2011 - 17:58 GMT

Hitherto we shall be the Kingdom of Sakartvelo!

This would be something I most likely would have wanted to hear as it would be more than logical. But, alas, its not to happen! One of Russias southern neighbors wants to rename itself so that the name of the country sounds the same in all languages: Georgia </p>

// Jun. 28, 2011 - 18:31 GMT

It's all in the bag – and I can see it!

The latest womens accessories fashion-cum-faux pas statement is loud and clear. By loud, I mean just plain ugly, and by clear, I mean transparent. The new thing for women in Moscow is to own and proudly carry plastic see-through purses for an average price of $350. </p>

// Jun. 24, 2011 - 17:43 GMT